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Welcome to the home of Bayview Technologies, a supplier of quality cable and cable equipment.

Sole agents of Helukabel in Ireland

Bayview Technologies are the proud and official sole agents of Helukabel cables in Ireland.

Best quality product on the market

We offer the best quality product on the market today, rather it be fire-safety cable, Medium Voltage cable or control cable. Customers can always rest assured that Bayview Technologies only offer superior Swiss and German quality cables in all departments.

Bayview Technologies, sole agents of Helukabel Cables in Ireland.

The Quality of Bayview

Bayview offers you high-quality products according national and international standards and approbations. All of Bayview's offered products are submitted regularly by neutral test centres of a detailed analysis.

The claim of quality of Bayview becomes secured by the integrated quality and environmental management system, which is implemented in all sales, logistics and production locations.

Already in the early nineties, Bayview as one of the first enterprises of the industry provided a quality management system certified according to ISO 9001:2008. This shows the anchored quality and environmental thought in the enterprise tradition.

With certifying of the integrated environmental management system according to the standard DIN EN ISO 14001:2009, taken place in the year 1999 - Bayview follows its way consistently and expressed its continued environmental philosophy clearly.

More than ever customers of Bayview can rely on the fact that in production and the logistics of the products technology on highest level is used.

The certificates represent a visible and objective proof of various quality and environmental efforts, which justify the high confidence of the customers into the mark Bayview Technologies.

Our Products

What can we do for You

With the growing demand for quality and ease of mind, Bayview offers not only quality cable but excellent customer service that is second to none.

Our reputation for putting our customers first has always been well known throughout the Electrical Industry and we take great pride in keeping to that level of service.

With long working hours and attention to detail, Bayview can guarantee their customers an excellent level of service.

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Bayview Technologies are the sole agents of Helukabel in Ireland. Helukabel is a leading international manufacturer and supplier of wires & cables, custom cables, cable accessories, data, network & bus technology and media technology, as well as pre-assembled cable protection systems for robotics and handling systems.

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